Barton Law believes in transparency when it comes our pricing.   

We know that clients shop around before choosing an estate attorney and that pricing is typically among the first few questions asked when a prospective client calls.  We've listed pricing information below for our most common estate planning and administration services. 

Estate Planning 

Our estate planning packages include the following:

  • Initial one-hour appointment

  • Review of your existing estate planning documents, if applicable

  • Drafting and preparation of estate planning documents

  • Final meeting and signing ceremony with witnesses and notary public present

  • Knowledge, experience and peace of mind

Estate Planning Package with Simple Will for Single Person


  • Simple will (with simple minor trust included if appropriate)

  • One set General and Durable Power of Attorney

  • One set Medical Durable Power of Attorney

  • Living Will

Estate Planning Package with Simple Wills for Married Couple


  • Simple wills (with simple minor trust included if appropriate) for each

  • One Set General and Durable Powers of Attorney for each

  • One Set Medical Durable Powers of Attorney for each

  • Living Wills for each

Other Services

Additional Powers of Attorney (per set)  

Codicil (simple, per person)

Complex Testamentary Minors Trust

Testamentary Special Needs Trust 


Memorandum for Tangible Property

Funeral Instructions 

First and Third-Party Special Needs Trust

Revocable and Irrevocable Living Trust 

$150.00 each

$250.00 each

+$150.00 to Package

+$250.00 to Package


$75.00 each

$75.00 each



Probate and Estate Administration

We offer clients the option of choosing an hourly rate or flat fee as we understand that each client has different preferences and needs. We have found that some clients prefer an hourly rate to track the work on the estate while others prefer a flat rate in an effort to plan ahead and control the amount spent on legal fees.  The decision is up to you. 

Hourly rate                    

Flat rate                        


Determined during initial appointment                 

We do not bill according to Johnson Estate. 

NOTICE:  The prices included on this "Pricing" page are not intended to be a quote for our services. All of our services are specific to the client and matter. Therefore, your individual needs will vary and we won't know what those needs are until we begin working with you.  Pricing for services is subject to change.