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Everyone reaches a certain point in their life where long term family planning becomes a priority. My wife and I were recent parents - tired, overwhelmed and terrified - and all of this was new to us. What if something happened to us? We started to defer that much needed time away from the kids as we struggled to identify someone to help us navigate through this unfamiliar process. We were then introduced to Jill. Jill promotes a comfortable, family friendly environment while offering the sophisticated insight we greatly sought. She was able to translate technical legal concepts into simplistic terms and encouraged our questions throughout the process. The service, value and peace of mind is second to none. After travelling to Mexico this summer to celebrate my wife's birthday, our only regret is that we did not find her sooner.

Estate planning

I can say that this long and complicated process would have been excruciatingly difficult, perhaps impossible without your expert guidance and support.  We will be forever grateful to you for your support during this difficult time.  Estate Administration 

Thank you Jill for your support, kindness and all you did for us!

 Estate Administration 

We all thank you for your diligence in helping to close the estate affairs. It certainly entails a lot and we couldn’t have done it without you! Estate Administration

I can’t begin to thank you enough for all your assistance throughout this process.  I truly appreciate your thoroughness and professionalism.  I would have been at a complete loss without the guidance. After my Mom’s passing I could barely begin to think about the next steps that needed to be taken.  I am forever grateful for all you have done. Estate Administration 

Thank you again for all of your work and assistance through this challenging time. Estate Administration

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